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Chantix Lawsuits

Chantix is an anti-smoking drug manufactured by Pfizer. It is prescribed to people who are attempting to quit smoking in order to help alleviate the side effects of nicotine withdrawal. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006, the drug rapidly gained popularity among smokers struggling to overcome their nicotine addiction.

Shortly after its release, numerous reports began surfacing regarding dangerous side effects associated with the drug. Many Chantix defective drug lawsuits have been filed claiming that the drug has resulted in:

  • Suicide or attempted suicide
  • Sudden abnormally aggressive behavior resulting in serious personal injuries
  • New on-set diabetes
  • The development of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
  • Blackouts, seizures, and vision problems which caused serious accidents

Chantix and Suicide

Since its approval in 2006, the FDA has received hundreds of reports of suicides, attempted suicides, and suicidal thoughts associated with the consumption of Chantix. Furthermore, Pfizer did not properly warn physicians and consumers about the increased risk of suicide from taking Chantix. This failure to adequately document these risks has potentially resulted in additional injuries and deaths that could have been easily prevented.

The number of adverse event reports associated with Chantix has been staggering. Between May 2006 and December 2007, the FDA received the following:

  • 227 reports of suicidal acts, thoughts, or behavior
  • 397 reports of psychosis
  • 525 reports of hostility or aggression

The mounting reports of adverse events associated with Chantix prompted the FDA to issue an alert in February 2008 which emphasized several important changes to the drug’s warning label regarding the risk of serious psychiatric side effects, particularly suicidal tendencies.

Chantix Lawsuits

There have been many defective drug lawsuits filed against Pfizer regarding the adverse events, particularly suicide problems associated with Chantix. Many of these lawsuits allege that Pfizer did not properly evaluate the safety of the drug before releasing it on the market. In particular, the primary safety trial conducted excluded many patients who would potentially comprise the target demographic for Chantix, including people who:

  • Have a history of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Suffered cardiovascular disease within the past six months
  • Were recently treated for psychiatric conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, psychosis, or panic disorders
  • Took other psychologically active drugs

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