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Recent Case Results

$37,392,000 - Pedestrian Knockdown
Queens woman is awarded $37 million.

$5,200,000 - Automobile Accident
Brooklyn woman is awarded $5.2 million

$1,800,000 - Wrongful Death
Orange County family receives $1.8 million in wrongful death case.

$1,451,565 - Pedestrian Knockdown
Pedestrian knockdown victim awarded $1,451,565

$1,093,500 - No Fault
Woman awarded 1,093,500 in a bus accident

$600,000 - Pedestrian Knockdown
10-year-old Bronx boy's family settles for $600,000 in a pedestrian knockdown case.

$850,000 - Pedestrian Knockdown
11-year-old boy awarded $850,000 after a hit and run.

$500,000 - Automobile Accident
41-year-old Bergen County man settles for $500,000 after his car is struck by a UPS truck.

$450,000 - Medical Malpractice
Bronx woman raped while she was receiving treatment at a psych hospital settles for $450,000.

$400,000 - Automobile Accident
Essex County man gets struck by automobile while riding his bicycle and settles for $400,000.

$250,000 - Automobile Accident
Woman is rear-ended on her way home from work, case settles for $250,000.

$300,000 - Pedestrian Knockdown
71-year-old Bronx woman struck while crossing the street.

$110,000 - Automobile Accident
Brooklyn woman injured in a taxicab accident.

$450,000 - Assault
Assault victim gets $450,000 due to inadequate building security.

$750,000 - Slip or Fall Down
Man receives $750,000 after he slips and falls on steps in a correctional facility.

$490,000 - Slip or Fall Down
45-year-old Florida man falls on ice while unloading boxes.

$32,500 - Slip or Fall Down
Newark woman accepts settlement of $32,500 after tripping over a bag of garbage left on her apartment steps.

$400,000 - Assault
A 44-year old man was assaulted by a security guard in the lobby of his apartment building.

$750,000 - Slip or Fall Down
Jury awards a fall down victim $750,000.

$800,000 - Medical Malpractice
Abortion case settles during jury deliberation.

$1,200,000 - Negligence
An infant suffers from a circumcision mishap.

$700,000 - Negligence
6-year-old boy awarded $700,000.

$500,000 - Lead Poisoning
Lead levels exceed 35 in Bronx County apartment building.

$265,000 - Dog Bite
A 10-month-old Rottweiler attacks 13-year-old boy.

$1,110,000 - Slip or Fall Down
Worker receives $1,110,000 after falling and breaking hip.