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Tequin (gatifloxacin) is an antibiotic used primarily to treat chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, acute sinusitis, urinary tract infections and gonorrhea. Tequin has been linked to severe blood sugar abnormalities causing hospitalizations and deaths. Bristol-Myers Squibb announced on May 1, 2006, that it will no longer make and sell Tequin.

Problems Surrounding Tequin

In March 2006, a Canadian study found that Tequin users were four times more likely to be hospitalized for low blood sugar complications, and 17 times more likely to develop serious diabetes than users of other antibiotics. Since the study was based only on hospital records and did not include anyone who experienced side effects or died without hospitalization, the risk may be even higher.

The FDA and Bristol-Myers Squibb added a warning to the Tequin label stating that it should not be used by diabetics. However, the Canadian study found that the risk of developing blood sugar problems may be just as high for those without diabetes. The problem usually occurs within the first few days of taking Tequin.

Public Citizen, a consumer group, has petitioned the FDA to ban Tequin. In its report to the FDA, Public Citizen says that between January 1, 2000, and June 30, 2005, 388 Tequin users experienced dangerous blood sugar abnormalities. Furthermore, 159 of these patients were hospitalized and 20 died.

Tequin is in a class of drugs called quinolones. There are 13 approved quinolone antibiotics, four of which have already been removed from the market due to safety problems.

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